Tin Free Products

Tin Free Steel

Tin Free Steel (TFS) is an electrolytic chrome plated steel consisting of a thin layer of chromium and a layer of chromium oxide deposited on the steel base, which gives it a beautiful, lustrous metallic finish on both sides. TFS offers outstanding corrosion resistance, lacquer adhesion as well as printability, making it an economical and high quality replacement for Tinplate, especially for the screw and crown cap market. Tin Free Steel (Single / Double Reduced) is available in the same range of dimensions/ temper/ mechanical properties and oil film.

Usage Precautions for TFS

TFS is not compatible with soldering and DI forming. However, once painted, it can be used in almost all applications where Tin Plate is normally used. The metallic coating layer of TFS has a high electrical resistance. When welding it, the metallic coating layers in the welded areas should be removed in advance. Also, TFS tends to rust in a humid atmosphere. Therefore, it is advised that the material be used as soon as possible after unpacking. The external surfaces of cans should be painted to prevent corrosion. The internal surfaces should also be painted to prevent corrosion except when the content is motor oil or cooking oil. TFS does not provide sacrificial protection like Tin Plate and therefore, due precautions should be taken not to cause scratches on the surface of TFS after it is formed into cans and painted.

What is Double Reduced Material?

Double Reduced material is a thinner yet stronger variation of conventional Single Reduced material. After an initial cold reduction and annealing, instead of temper rolling, the steel is given a second cold reduction with lubrication, further hardening the steel and imparting additional strength to Double Reduced material.

We, at Indo Global Steel are well-versed in the requirements and exacting standards of our Indian clientele when it comes to tin free products, therefore are able to provide specialized services to facilitate the entire steel supply chain.

Tempering chart

Designation Nominal rockwell hardness values 30 T Characteristic Typical usages
T-1 49 Soft for drawing Drawing requirements, drawn and ironed cans, nozzles, spouts, closures
T-2 53 Moderate drawing where some stiffness is required Rings and plugs, dome tops, closures,shallow drawn and specialized can parts
T-2.5 55 Combines the characteristics of T-2 and T-3. Battery cell bodies, small can ends and bodies
T-3 57 Shallow drawing, general purpose with fair degree of stiffness to minimum fluting Can ends and bodies, large diameter closures, crown caps
T-3.5 59 Decreased stiffness Can bodies, and closures and crown caps
T-4 61 Moderate stiffness Can bodies, crown caps and closures
T-5 67 Increased stiffness Can bodies and crown caps
Designation Nominal rockwell hardness (HR30TSm)
DR-7.5 71
DR-8 72
DR-8.5 73
DR-9 75
DR-9M 76