Tin Plate Products

Tin Plate Steel

Tinplate is made by rolling the steel in a rolling mill. It is further processed by pickling the steel in acid which removes any possible scale on it and then coated with a thin layer of tin.Tinplate, being ductile in nature with its attribute of corrosion resistance and light weight makes it an ideal raw material for food packaging and consumer products. They also offer 100% recyclability, and significant cost benefits compared with aluminum plastic and other raw material At Indo Global Steel we provide stocks as per orders and requirements of our clients ( thickness width and tempers )

Tempering chart

Designation Nominal rockwell hardness values 30 T Characteristic Typical usages
T-1 49 Soft for drawing Drawing requirements, drawn and ironed cans, nozzles, spouts, closures
T-2 53 Moderate drawing where some stiffness is required Rings and plugs, dome tops, closures,shallow drawn and specialized can parts
T-2.5 55 Combines the characteristics of T-2 and T-3. Battery cell bodies, small can ends and bodies
T-3 57 Shallow drawing, general purpose with fair degree of stiffness to minimum fluting Can ends and bodies, large diameter closures, crown caps
T-3.5 59 Decreased stiffness Can bodies, and closures and crown caps
T-4 61 Moderate stiffness Can bodies, crown caps and closures
T-5 67 Increased stiffness Can bodies and crown caps
Designation Nominal rockwell hardness (HR30TSm)
DR-7.5 71
DR-8 72
DR-8.5 73
DR-9 75
DR-9M 76

Finishing Chart

Finish Applications
Bright Melted finish. This finish features a metallic gloss of tin. It is the natural finish for ordinary electrolytic tinplate.
Stone Melted finish. This finish has fine grit lines, and is easy to handle because it resists scratching during coating and can making.
Super stone Melted finish. High resistance to scratching, thus making for easy handling during coating and can-making widely used for can ends.
Matte Unmelted dull finish. This finish gives the tinplate a unique silver-gray surface. It offers exceptional ink adherence, and is widely used in crown caps and printed cans.
Silver Melted finish. This finish is obtained by reflowing tin on dull finished plate. The finished surface has an attractive, subdued luster. When printed or lacquered, silver finish has a beautiful appearance and finds much use in the production of high quality decorated cans and screw caps.


Can be used for the following products:

  • Edible Oil Cans
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts
  • Packaging Dairy Products
  • Packaging Carbonated Beverages
  • Processed Foods
  • Batteries
  • Paint Containers
  • Pesticides
  • Aerosole Products
  • Square Lube Containers
  • Metal Gaskets