About Us

Sourced from the leading mills, traders, service centers and alternative supply sources around the globe, we have formed deep relationships with numerous well-established and well-renowned sources and continue to grow our Global Supplier Network regularly.

We are also active participating members of various industrial associations such as the Indian Institute of Packaging, Steel Users Federation of India, Metal Container Manufacturers Association of India and Steel Chamber of India.

Why Indo Global Steel?

  • Our versatility allows us to deliver unique and tailor-made solutions throughout the supply chain.
  • Due to our vast Global Supplier Network and reliable supply chain, we are able to service urgent or immediate needs of our clients, while providing seamless services to our regular clientele.
  • Our focus on Tin Mill Products - Tinplate (ETP), Tin-Free Steel (FS/ECCS) and Black Plate (TMBP/CR) differentiates us from our competitors.
  • We are equipped with experienced employees and resources required to appropriately handle these products.
  • Due to our vast experience of over 30 years within the industry, we have established ourselves as reliable partners to our clients and suppliers.
  • Your satisfaction is our aim. We will ensure that the client always comes first and service each and every client with the utmost importance.

Mission Statement

  • Indo Global Steel aims to be the leader in all aspects global supply of flat steel, from sourcing and processing to distribution of Tin Mill Steel. Flat Roll Steel and all related products. Our committment is to addressing all of our clients' requirements and service them to the absolute best standards in terms of:
  • Creative Solutions to Supply Chain problems.
  • Efficient Operations to allow for competitive pricing of all our products.
  • Continuously improve the offerings to clients and grow to become the industry leader.
  • Maintain a global perspective with long-term goals in mind.
  • Development and empowerment of our employees.

Supply Chain Management

The Indo Global Steel team is well-versed in the requirements and exacting standards of our Indian clientele when it comes to Tin Mill and Flat-Rolled Steel products, and therefore are able to provide specialised services to facilitate the entire steel supply chain. Every coil we receive is inspected within our state-of-the-art testing facilities and track the mill adherence to tolerances. We continue invest in new and improved technologies to better the processing tolerances. Most importantly, we work closely with each and very client to understand their uniquie requirements and supply the with the products best suited for their end use, even if that means sourcing new materials or altering the mills to produce unique specifications.

Quality Control Service

At Indo Global Steel, the client always comes first. Every employee is focused on customer service, making sure that the orders are received and processed exactly as per the clients specifications. Moreover, through our endeavors to continuously improve our expertise in Tin Plate and and other light-gauge flat rolled steel, we work tirelessly to gain our clients' trust to present new solutions to meet their expectations.