Cut to Length

IGS operates 5 cut-to-length shearing and blanking lines across its Navi Mumbai service centers. We deliver cut-to-length sheets to customers in diverse industries from food packaging to industrial products. We understand the requirements of each end user and provide quality control early in the supply chain capacity.


  • Thickness: (0.13- 3.0m0m
  • Coil Width: upto(2,000mm)
  • Cut Length: upto 4,800mm)
  • Coil Weight: (25,000 kgs )


Our warehouse can help manage your changing needs and become long-term supply chain solutions. For customers with small volumes, we offer economies of scale to store and manage material in a cost-effective manner. For customers with large volumes, we can offer solutions for fluctuating space requirements, product overflow, and safety stock. We partner with several value-added processors that offer coating, printing or forming services.

Services Offered

  • Contract warehousing, Order fulfillment
  • Inventory control and inspection, Packaging and solution offer
  • Fluctuating space requirements,Quality control
  • Product overflow and safety stock
  • Just-in-time delivery


The ​products are packaged in the manner shown below in order to prevent them from being damaged. A label that indicated manufacturing details and history is affixed to the outside of the packaging. As per the requirements of the client , the label can display either or all the following information : Grade, Product name, Size, Surface, Material Nature, Gross Weight, Production batch no.,Tin coating,Net weight,Product date, Temper,Sheet no.(for cut-to-length product).